Lizard Skins Dri-Fiant Shoe Covers are Sharp and Locally Made

Lizard Skins Dri-Fiant Shoe Cover is a perfect for fall and winter weather.
Lizard Skins’ Dri-Fiant Shoe Cover is a perfect for fall and winter weather.

By David Ward

IMG_0347Aside from the cool name and logo, Utah company Lizard Skins makes great products.

I had the opportunity to test a pair of Dry-Fiant shoe covers. I was excited to do so as I have two pair of their gloves I acquired a couple of years ago which I really like.

As with the gloves, the shoe covers are a high quality product. Made of polyurethane with a microfleece lining, these shoe covers are extremely wind and water resistant. With a reinforced toe and heel, they will resist the rigors of repeatedly putting them on and taking them off. There is no sole to wear or tear, but rather a velcro strap to pull the shoe cover tight onto the shoe and hold it in place. This leaves plenty of room for whatever cleat you may have, and avoids wearing out the sole from walking.

The one drawback for me, and others like me, was the placement of the zipper on the outer side rather than on the back or inside. I have a back and right hip issue that makes it difficult to bend over and grab the zipper. If it were on the back or, even better, the inside, I could more easily reach and pull the zipper up or down. But this is a problem only for a few of us with such issues. And despite this, I will continue to use these.

I really like the quality and look of these shoe covers. Black with silver trim, and shiny black logo embossed on the side, it is a good-looking product., And I like this company. They clearly have a dedication to quality. Additionally, all their manufacturing is local, being based in Orem, UT, and they use recycled materials whenever possible.

Rating: Category 1 (4 stars) (Hors Category being excellent to Category 4 being poor).

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