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The Collective needs your help finding youth to take mountain biking in the Wasatch. If you know of a group, after school program, and/or youth organizations that the Collective can partner with, please contact our Trips for Kids Director, Evan Mitchell, 801-200-3826. The summer is cooling down, but bikes are heating back up.Celebrate going back to school with two wheels

The Collective still needs a small army of volunteers for Valet Bike Parking at events like the Farmers’ Market and the Twilight Concert series. It doesn’t get much easier than hanging out in the park and listening to great music and people/bike watching.

The Park Tool School ( is still taught every Monday starting at 6pm at the Community Bike Shop (2312 S. West Temple).Classes don’t build on each other, so jump in at any time. Participants will learn how to true wheels, adjust derailleurs and brakes, and general skills. See the Collective’s website ( or call 801-FAT-BIKE for a schedule.

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