Salt Lake City Open Space Bond Hearing July 28, 2015 – 30 Miles of New Trails and Bike Park Possible


July 28, 2015 – The Salt Lake City Council will hold a public hearing tonight at 7 pm in room 315 of the Salt Lake City and County Building at 454 S. State.

On the agenda is the Open Space Bond and Mayor Ralph Becker’s Connecting You to Nature proposal that would include a potential bike park at the soon to be closed Glendale Golf Course. Additionally, 30 miles of new dirt trails are being considered in the area between Parley’s Canyon and North Salt Lake.

The bike park could potentially feature a cyclocross course, dirt jumps, and pump track. From the plan:

Possible features include: Beginner to advanced bike park and xsport pump track and cyclocross track, urban farm/orchard, boat house, launches and white water play park, dog amenities, festival stage, 4 multipurpose lawn area.

In addition to the dirt trails by the Bonneville Shoreline Trail, many other paved and dirt trails are proposed as well. These would include the Folsom Trail in downtown Salt Lake City, the 9 Line trail, and the McClelland Trail.

Cyclists are encouraged to attend and express their thoughts.

From the Outdoors SLC website, an overview of the proposal:


Connecting You to Nature

Salt Lake City residents love their City, love their quality of life and love their parks, trails and open spaces. They’ve told us they want more parks, more trails and more open spaces within easy access of where they live, work and play. And, residents say they don’t mind paying more in taxes to fund new amenities.

With a central theme of Connecting You to Nature, Mayor Ralph Becker is asking the City Council to place a funding plan on the November ballot to let citizens vote for a new generation of parks, trails and open space opportunities designed to honor their desires.

The proposal was carefully crafted with the public in mind to provide needed additions to our trail network, and more and better connections between our paved and unpaved trails, and deliver exciting new recreation opportunities that Salt Lake City currently doesn’t offer. Key elements of the Connecting You to Nature plan include the following items. Read the Mayor’s complete recommendation to the City Council. View a map of the proposed projects.

More information on tonight’s meeting:

Comments can also be submitted to [email protected] or by visiting: through August 18, 2015. The earlier the comments are submitted, the more likely they would be included in any modifications of the proposal.

An overview of the Outdoors SLC initiative is here:

The full Connecting You to Nature proposal is here:

Cycling Utah previously submitted a Recreational Cycling Proposal for Salt Lake City which is relevant to the Open Space Bond.

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