Cycling Utah Starts its 24th Year With Changes!


Cycling Utah is beginning our 24th season of bringing the best of cycling in Utah and the Intermountain West. With this issue, we are rolling out some exciting changes. The first will be readily apparent for our readers in Idaho, Nevada, Montana, Wyoming, Western Colorado, Northern Arizona, and Southwestern Montana – in those states, we will now be distributing as Cycling West! In Utah, we will continue as Cycling Utah. The new name reflects the news and information that we print regarding those states. Notably, our calendar of events lists every event that we know of in the region.

Cycling Utah’s first issue was published in March of 1993. David Ward and Bob Truelsen started the paper. It has thrived for 23 years as the voice of cycling in Utah and the Intermountain West.

Careful readers will also note that you can reach us through or

Currently, the majority of our articles are intended to appeal to an audience of cyclists everywhere. We print touring stories, bikepacking articles, tech stories, book reviews, essays, and more. We also have a large focus on Utah content. Over the coming year, look for a gradual increase in regional content both in print, and on our website.

Cycling Utah also has a new publisher, Dave Iltis. David Ward, the founder of Cycling Utah is stepping down after 23 years in the role. He and Bob Truelsen (Cycling Utah’s editor from 1993 to 2000) started the paper in 1993 with the goal of providing news and information to the Utah and Intermountain cycling communities. Little did they expect that 24 years later Cycling Utah would still be thriving and at the center of those communities.

Cycling Utah would like to thank David Ward and Bob Truelsen for their incredible contributions to growing cycling in the state of Utah and the region and for their vision in starting the publication. Cycling Utah has helped countless cyclists find events, stay informed, stay energized, and take part in the great sport and activity of cycling.

David Ward will still be involved with the magazine as a consultant, and will continue to write his most enjoyable column, Speaking of Spokes.

In our March 2013 issue, David Ward chronicles the history of Cycling Utah. Started on a shoestring budget of $700, the magazine, and later website have provided event information, news, and stories of cycling for the last 23 years. This has been solely possible because of the support from the cycling community and from our advertisers.

David Ward states this nicely in the article on the history of Cycling Utah,

“Cycling Utah has had excellent support from the cycling community. Bike stores, event promoters and, as Cycling Utah has grown, other businesses and persons have supported us with their advertising dollars. In the end, they are the lubrication that makes this publication successful.

It is in thanks to these people and these resources that Cycling Utah is still around. Frankly, a lot of stars have lined up to make Cycling Utah a successful and thriving publication.

Finally, it has been very personally satisfying to me. Cycling Utah was my personal brain child. I am more widely known for being the founder and publisher of Cycling Utah than for any thing else I have done. But beyond this notoriety, I am mostly proud of the fact that, not only is Cycling Utah still around, but it is thriving. It is one of the very few successful regional cycling publications in the country. Above all, it serves the local and regional cycling community well, and is helping it to grow.” (For a complete history of Cycling Utah, see our March 2013 issue online at:

With the change in name outside of Utah, Cycling West is looking for contributors in the western states. We hope to provide additional news for each of the seven states that we reach. Our goal is to bring together the entire cycling community from racers to commuters, mountain bikers to triathletes, and fat bikers to skinny tire riders.

Cycling Utah’s continuing mission is to Grow, Connect, and Inform the Cycling Community in Utah, Wyoming, Nevada, Idaho, N. Arizona, W. Colorado, and SW Montana. Please join us in making the world a better place through cycling.

Editor’s Note: If you would like to contribute to Cycling Utah and Cycling West, please email [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you.


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