Salt Lake City Based GoBike Purchases Fit Kit Systems

Chris Nurre and Gayle Nurre, owners of Fit Kit Systems for 20 years passing the banner to John Higgins.
Chris Nurre and Gayle Nurre, owners of Fit Kit Systems for 20 years passing the banner to John Higgins.

Salt Lake City, Utah, July 7, 2015 GoBike LLC, a Salt Lake City based bike fitting company, recently purchased Fit Kit Systems, Inc.

After more than 20 years at the handlebars, Chris Nurre announced the sale of the Fit Kit Systems to GoBike, a Salt Lake City-based company owned by John Higgins and Reed Topham. The new owners bring a strong background in bicycle retailing, bike fitting, educational and business expertise to the brand. The office and operations of Fit Kit Systems are being relocated to Salt Lake City, Utah, and GoBike will continue to operate the business under the Fit Kit Systems brand. Chris Nurre remains involved in a consulting, product development and manufacturing role.

Chris Nurre commented, “I would like to thank the many extremely talented folks that have provided me with support and ideas over the past 20+ years. Thank you as well for the opportunity to serve you in an industry that continues to be both fun and challenging. I am confident that with your support, John and Reed have the abilities and talents to continue to both develop the Fit Kit and serve our industry for years to come.

John Higgins, CEO of GoBike, stated “We are excited to carry forward and build on the heritage and reputation of Fit Kit Systems through our offering of educational workshops and quality tools. In the enthusiastic rush to embrace new fitting technologies, retailers and fitters can be assured that the fundamentals of the bike – body relationship have not changed. Fit Kit Systems offers a time tested and proven approach to sizing bikes for customers, and establishing a strong basis for an advanced fitting session. Chris and I will both be at Interbike in Las Vegas in August. Come and visit!”

Fit Kit Systems has been a pioneer and innovator in bike sizing and fitting tools, protocols and education for over 30 years. Fit Kit Systems offers highly respected tools and training for brand-neutral, cost effective and space efficient solutions to bicycle retailers and bicycle fitters for sizing and fitting bikes to customers. Fit Kit System sizing tools are individually handcrafted in the USA.

The sale finalized on July 7, 2015. The sale included the assets and bike fitting tools and training business of Fit Kit Systems.

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