Selphian Industries Announces New BOOST Valve Stems for Bicycles


SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (April 1, 2022) — Following the trend of an increasing number of options for bottom bracket and hub standards, Selphian Industries, a boutique bicycle products manufacturer, announced today a new improved standard for valve stems, The BOOST Valve stem.

BOOST 148mm Valve Stem by Selphian Industries.

“We see this as an evolution of incompatibility with billions of existing pumps, tubes, and rims that have permeated the bike world since the late 1800’s,” said Selphian CEO Bill Jelavich.

He continued, “the bike industry has been missing out on replacing those functioning products with something that is new that won’t work with anything out there currently. It’s a money making opportunity of epic proportions. In fact, we are going to sell NFT’s too of each individual valve stem.”

The BOOST valve standard takes an existing hollow boost axle from a rear hub and repurposes it as a custom air delivery system for both tubes and tubeless setups.

Although the stem is 148 mm long, the extra weight, length and diameter provides faster air delivery, along with greater rolling momentum, and decreased rim integrity.

It features a 10 CFS airflow, up from 1 CFS for both Presta and Schraeder valves. This translates into faster pumping speeds and tire pressures up to 250 psi, on both road and mountain tires. Additionally, the higher volume means faster seating of tubeless setups.

Selphian is partnering with OVAL wheels, a carbon wheel manufacturer that is currently providing the first oval rim in cycling history to deliver a one-two punch for better cycling. OVAL rims are the latest in biosensitive bike technology and are designed to be paired with oval shaped chainrings to deliver power when and where the rider needs it most.

“The combination of OVAL wheels and BOOST valve stems will provide both road and mountain racers with an unbeatable advantage in time trials and on descents!,” exclaimed OVAL spokesperson Bucky Fuller.

Selphian is best known for their 2015 designer air CO2 cartridges (for more on that see:

BOOST 148mm Valve Stem by Selphian Industries, featuring better airflow and higher rolling resistance.
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